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Civica Libraries customers share some of their favourite children's books

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AlphaAlpha: Abidjan to Gare Du Nord

Captions by Bessora and illustrations by Barroux

A powerful, pertinent and thought provoking book which has inspired one family in Aberdeen to delve deeper into the stories behind the headlines and to actively fundraise for a number of charities working in this field.

Selected as one of the titles on the Greenaway Medal Longlist 2017, Alpha follows the journey of a refugee travelling from his home in Cote D'Ivoire, across Africa to be re-united with his family in France. This graphic novel for young people gives a vivid portrayal of the hardships experienced, as well as the many characters Alpha meets on his journey.

The artwork has been created with cheap felt-tip pens and wash to represent the materials Alpha himself might have been able to access..

Submitted by Margaret Hill, Early Years Librarian, Aberdeen City Central Library

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