Sabrina Ofori - Account Manager

Stepping stones: A hop, skip and a jump


I joined Civica four years ago as a Licensing Operations Specialist. Since then, I’ve achieved two further promotions.  


I’m currently an Account Manager in Civica’s Education team. Our software solutions are helping to improve the experiences of staff and students across the country.


I’m always looking for a new challenge


Before joining Civica’s Sales team, I’d spent a decade working in retail. Learning sales in a new environment was always going to be a step up, so it was important that I found a company with a genuine desire to help me develop.


I completed a short sales training course, which led to several interviews and subsequently a handful of job offers…


Civica stood out


There can be a ‘sink or swim’ attitude when it comes to sales. That’s daunting, especially when you’re going into a new environment, but Civica’s approach is the absolute antithesis of this…


This was clear right from my first interview. Civica advised I would be better suited to a slightly different role which would help me learn the ropes; and set me up for the best possible chance of success in the future.


I’ve since achieved two promotions in four years


You could say I’m the proof that you don’t necessarily need any corporate sales experience to be successful in sales with Civica.


I was selling clothes and now I’m selling tech solutions and I think it all comes down to problem solving. You’ll have KPI’s in any job and you just need to work out how to achieve them.


We’re all singing from the same hymn sheet


We have a unique way of delivering sales.


Civica’s a growing business, with market leading software.


We’re not interested in a ‘hard sell’, it’s all about understanding our customers: What are their unique challenges? How can we use our products and expertise to help them best? This builds long-lasting relationships and ‘win-win’ situations for everyone.


Our Sales Academy brings you up to speed


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve now moved our face-to-face sessions onto online platforms and have weekly check-in sessions. We’ve even introduced Civica sales podcasts, with special guests from around the business sharing their knowledge and ideas.


But the formal training is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s your foundation. I think I’ve been successful so far because I understood that from the start. So my advice would be: ask questions, be curious, nosey even… because everyone wants you to succeed and that supportive, collective success is the real heartbeat of what Civica’s all about.


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