Mohak Talreja

Hello, I’m Mohak Talreja and I work as a Junior Software Engineer at Civica, Vadodara

My journey with Civica

I started working for Civica in December 2019 and there’s been no looking back! When I was first looking for work I wasn’t entirely sure what I expected from an employer, although I was keen to work for an organisation that provided ample growth opportunities in Vadodara. When I heard of Civica in terms of its approach and values, I was very keen to join. The role that I was offered was appropriate to the skills I’d gained from my degree.

Civica is a people-centric organisation

I’m really lucky because Civica has turned out to be a fantastic place to work. It’s the kind of a workplace that offers you many opportunities to take on new responsibilities and ensure that every day is different. Civica’s distinctive global culture really encourages you to have fun while working. It’s refreshing to be invited to take part in various events and celebrations too! Also, our leaders empower you to take responsibility and support you in reaching your full potential to ensure you deliver. As Civica is such a people-centric organisation, the culture here is more inclusive, diverse and transparent. Many of my colleagues here have come from outside Vadodara. To me that speaks volumes about Civica as an organisation.

Civica’s Graduate Trainee Programme has equipped me to be industry ready

After initially joining Civica, I embarked on a Graduate trainee programme over several months which included a variety of soft training, development technical sessions, database deployment and agile methodologies which I think was a priceless opportunity. The experience really increased my confidence and helped me to prepare for future, upcoming challenges. The Civica Academy has also been instrumental in guiding me to take up various online courses on platforms such as Pluralsight as well as conducting interesting workshops and webinars. The Graduate Trainee Program has equipped me to be industry ready and has certainly enhanced my overall skills and personality.

I feel supported to fulfill my potential

After the completion of Civica’s Graduate Trainee Programme, I was assigned to a Civica Pensions project which I’m currently working on. After getting the necessary training related to the project, I was equipped to work on this project as a developer for our Pensions application, deploying work on database side. I’m working with a fantastic team who are helping me learn and explore new things.

One of the sweetest things I’ve observed as a junior member of the team is that whenever I hit a problem or need support my India and UK colleagues are always ready to help me and that’s the thing I admire and appreciate the most.

Civica encourages you to grow and succeed

What stands out for me is the people centric approach of Civica that encourages you to grow and succeed. Our entire team across each of the geographies we operate in work really hard to be supportive and encouraging. The sheer variety of work I have the opportunity to be involved with also inspires me to broaden my horizons. By being part of Civica, I’ve gained a valuable insight into the bigger picture, learning quickly how the work you do impacts your team, the company as a whole and the people and communities we support throughout the world. You’re visible to everyone and it’s great to know everyone’s name when you run into people around the building.

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