Redefining & liberating data

Only 20% of local authorities in Scotland are effectively using data for better insight. Download our report and learn how Scotland can redefine and liberate its data.

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Knowledge is the engine of our economy and data is its fuel. However, our survey identified that only 20% or local authorities in Scotland are effectively using their data for better insight.

In our report – Dialling Scotland in for digital success – we examine why Scotland needs to redefine its relationship with data to help unlock the insight and knowledge required to succeed in our digital world.

There’s a real drive to reform our public services in Scotland. You can see it already in the creation of Police Scotland and the integration of health and social care, and new powers provide us with an amazing opportunity to do things differently."
Colin Cook, Director Digital, Scottish Government

Dialling Scotland in for digital success

With only 43% of local gov employees believing the nation's digital vision is achievable, download our new report and ensure Scotland dials in for digital success.

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The research, Civica Scotland local government survey, was conducted by Opinion Matters for Civica, in May 2017. The sample included 75 local government workers in Scotland, across all levels. This report also uses research from Civica's citizen survey, completed in August 2017 by Censuswide for Civica and polled 2,044 citizens across the UK.