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Only 43% of local government employees in Scotland believe the nation will achieve its vision of becoming a digital nation by 2020.

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Building on Bell’s legacy, the digital revolution is already taking hold in Scotland. However, public sector organisations still have some way to go before they are able to provide the services that consumers in this digital age have come to expect as standard.

But with the vision still in reach, public sector leaders and employees across Scotland joined us to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. In our report, we look more closely at:

Scotland’s digital landscape

With the UK’s most rural landscape, embracing digital brings a unique set of challenges for Scotland. We explore the nation's digital appetite and whether Scotland is ahead of the rest of the UK in providing digital services.

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Tackling digital exclusion

Scotland has been identified as having the highest level of digital exclusion in the UK. But in the drive to create a digital nation by 2020, we identify the steps Scotland can take today to tackle this key challenge.

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Empowering change

For successful transformation ‘culture is everything.’ We outline how Scotland’s public sector can foster and support the right culture – a culture that embraces risk and shares ownership as we continue on the journey to 2020 and beyond.

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Redefining & liberating data

Knowledge is the engine of our economy and data is its fuel. We examine why Scotland needs to redefine its relationship with data to help unlock the insights and knowledge required to succeed in our digital world.

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Moving beyond channel shift

In today’s world, services not only need to drive efficiencies but also deliver enriched experiences. To compete, we discuss why Scotland needs to embrace and deliver a holistic and end-to-end approach to digital transformation.

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In terms of transformation, culture is the only thing. Get it down to a level where people understand it, a level where they’re thinking about a shared future."
Andrew Kerr, Chief Executive, Edinburgh City Council

In our survey, only 43% of local government employees across Scotland believe the nation will achieve its digital vision by 2020. Download our report summary to learn more about our report and how Scotland can still make this a reality.

Report summary

Download our report summary to learn more about our new report and how Scotland can dial in for digital success in the build-up to 2020.

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Dialling Scotland in for digital success

With only 43% of local gov employees believing the nation's digital vision is achievable, download our new report and ensure Scotland dials in for digital success.

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The research, Civica Scotland local government survey, was conducted by Opinion Matters for Civica, in May 2017. The sample included 75 local government workers in Scotland, across all levels. This report also uses research from Civica's citizen survey, completed in August 2017 by Censuswide for Civica and polled 2,044 citizens across the UK.