Changing Landscape: Building Stronger Communities in an Increasingly Digital Post-Pandemic Society

While we certainly couldn’t have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, the statement is still holding true. If anything this global event has acted as a catalyst: accelerating the speed at which local governments are adapting to meet citizens’ changing needs, in modern ways and with greater pressure on resources.

The latest focus group discussion in our research collaboration, which took place in late 2020, has captured insights from senior local government professionals across Australia and New Zealand. This two-hour dialogue captured recent experiences around community engagement, digital strategy and governance, digital capability and skills, and key areas to focus on next as councils started to consider the post pandemic communities they wished to support.

Here’s how Australia and New Zealand’s local governments are not just adapting, but are actively building stronger communities in an increasingly digital society.

Download a copy of the report and find out more about our Changing Landscape series.

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