CivicaPay for the NHS

The next generation payments and income management solution for NHS trusts

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CivicaPay is a payments and income management solution designed to support the changing needs of NHS trusts, offering a wide range of options to facilitate advance payment; for elective procedures, from overseas patients and other miscellaneous income, along with automatic processing and income management. 


With CivicaPay, front-line staff have more options than ever to collect income via cash, card and cheque, whether in the cash office or on the ward. With self-service online access, patients and carers can make payments at a time and place convenient to them. This saves your trust the time and money spent chasing debt, and gives you reassurance that income is correctly recorded and allocated.


The CivicaPay solution can be tailored to your trust’s needs, and the requirements of your patients and carers.  Already integrated with the Oracle finance solution (in association with NHS Shared Business Services), CivicaPay enables you to offer multiple payment methods and channels that suit the needs of your organisation and community.

Fast settlement of funds

CivicaPay's streamlined processes ensure that payments are collected and settled into your account quickly, accurately and with minimum impact on your trust’s resources. Our solution gives you total visibility of your income, allowing you to easily generate reports.

Instant access to transaction history

Easily and securely access a central patient financial record which shows all transactions and payment history, available as soon as a transaction is made and integrated directly into the NHS Oracle finance management system.

We know the NHS

As a leading partner in the sector, Civica has a suite of established healthcare solutions, including our contract management system, SLAM. With more than 30 years’ experience, we work with 200 UK NHS trusts. CivicaPay builds on this knowledge, allowing us to offer a solution designed to support the unique requirements of the sector.

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Why choose CivicaPay?

  • Facilitates upfront payment from overseas visitors, helping you meet mandatory NHS Improvement guidelines
  • Speeds up transaction and settlement times, giving you quicker access to your income
  • Introduces a more efficient, self-service paperless process, reducing administration