The digital revolution in our health & care services must be grounded in data

30th June 2022

Responding to the Government's Plan for Digital Health and Social Care, Civica’s Steve Brain said:


Steve Brain,

Executive Director (Health & Care),

Our health and care services can deliver the digital revolution the Health Secretary aspires towards, but the catalyst for that revolution will be data.
From digitally supported diagnoses, to real-time patient records at the click of a button, we’ve already got the digital tools we need to radically transform services for patients and clinicians alike. Joining up data, however, is the game changer which will ensure those digital technologies are delivering the best possible outcomes for the largest number of people.
Health and care services built on a solid foundation of robust, reliable, accessible, shared data will radically transform the patient experience, put power in the hand of primary caregivers and ensure more people have timely access to medical care that fits with their personal schedules and doesn’t leave them feeling a burden on the system.