Global affinity groups launch to support more inclusivity

30th March 2022

Employee led groups to offer support, a safe space and drive positive change across the company

To further strengthen its equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) strategy, Civica has invited employees to create 20 affinity groups across the UK, APAC, India and US.

Affinity groups are employee-led networks made up of individuals who wish to effect positive change in the workplace. Civica’s affinity groups will both represent protected characteristics and support any underrepresented community which feels a sense of marginalisation in the workplace.

Andrea Rowe,

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Lead


I’m so proud to see these groups in place across our global team. My vision for our affinity groups is a safe space where people can share experiences and put forward their ideas, suggestions and recommendations to make Civica an even more inclusive organisation for everyone.

Civica has different groups in place across its geographies, based on employee interest and cultural nuances.

Cheryl Downes, Co-Chair for the women’s group in Asia Pacific, commented, “I see opportunities for improvement in the way we work each day, but I particularly appreciate the commitment Civica is making to recognise and improve our days via the affinity groups.”

“We have women’s groups in place across most of our geographies, but these groups aren’t just for women,” Andrea added.

“Our groups are for anyone who wants to support and ally with that community, provided they’re willing to listen, learn and take action to cultivate a more inclusive working environment and support our people.

“Looking ahead, we hope these groups will help attract a wider pool of talent to Civica and increase retention of underrepresented groups.”

Since being listed in the Financial Times top employers list for diversity and inclusion three years in a row, Civica has committed to doing even more.

“Later in 2022, we’ll be rolling out mandatory diversity and inclusion training which our senior leaders have already completed. It’s also something a lot of our public sector customers are leading the way with.

“There’s a long journey ahead, but with the support and encouragement of our affinity groups and leaders, it’s an exciting one to be on.”

You can view all of Civica’s affinity groups here.