6th April 2020

Civica & CIBIS help councils beat July 1 NSW ePlanning Portal deadline

Sydney, 06 April 2020: Civica, a global leader in cloud software for public and community services, announced it has collaborated with mobile, on-premise and cloud-based software solutions provider CIBIS to provide integration with the NSW ePlanning Portal, mandated for commencement on July 1.

The ePlanning Portal enables NSW councils to link directly with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE), significantly speeding up the planning process and providing the “simplest and most effective planning system in Australia” according to Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

CIBIS will provide services to quickly and efficiently connect Civica’s core enterprise solution for councils, Authority, with the NSW ePlanning Portal using Authority’s extensive APIs. This will enable council staff to access planning and development data with a few clicks instead of manually copying and pasting files between systems. CIBIS has collaborated with Civica to design pre-built modules and a platform that will enable fast, accurate integration with the portal, including easy adaptation to any future changes.

‘While everyone is committed to responding to the current pandemic situation, our development strategy is aimed at getting the best possible result for our Local Government customers,’ says Civica’s Local Government Managing Director, Brett Barningham. “CIBIS approached us with a comprehensive and effective solution to connect Authority with the upcoming NSW ePlanning Portal well before the deadline, we’re recommending that our NSW customers go with this option. Working with CIBIS for the NSW portal allows us to focus more effort on the evolution of Authority - specifically bringing our customers onto our latest cloud-based version, Authority Altitude.”

‘Civica Authority deploys an advanced innovative approach to APIs,’ explains CIBIS Managing Director, Tony Heitmeyer, ‘which we took full advantage of. They also make it simple to add more integration points when more functionality is added to the portal and so avoid the technical hurdles other software providers will have to jump over.’

With many NSW local council customers, Civica and CIBIS will help them further streamline service delivery to their customers, including supporting an environment where people are remote working.

Customers wanting to beat the July 1 deadline should contact Civica/CIBIS via civica.com/cibis.com.au.