Reflecting on South Asian Heritage Month

18th August 2023

Reflecting on South Asian Heritage Month with Shambhavi, Civica’s Chief Revenue Officer

As South Asian Heritage Month draws to a close, we take a look at what we’ve learned from this year’s theme ‘Stories to Tell’ and reflect on the month’s importance with our Chief Revenue Officer, Shambhavi.

Rather than falling within a single month each year, South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM) commences on 18th July, the date that the Indian Independence Act gained royal assent in 1947. The month celebrates the diversity of our communities, society, and recognises the impact that people of South Asian heritage and culture have had, and continue to have, on Britain today.

This year’s theme, ‘Stories to Tell’ has posed questions such as ‘What moments in your life have shaped who you are today?’ and ‘What experiences have taught you valuable lessons?’. Over the past four weeks, we’ve been hearing from colleagues at Civica about what SAHM means to them.

Nabil Islam, Jasbir Dhesi, and Ayesha Shokar have spoken about the pride they have for their heritage and how it’s shaped them, providing determined work ethics and a passion for inclusion. They’ve shared more about the South Asian influences present across Britain and beyond, contributing vibrant food, clothing, language, art, and much more to enrich the lives of people around the world.


Chief Revenue Officer,


I believe our heritage has a remarkable impact on who we are. Personally, the South Asian reinforcement of the values of family, respect and commitment have informed my approach to life and continue to guide my everyday choices. It’s been a joy to share these with colleagues along the way, but equally to learn from and embed values, behaviours, and traditions that reflect their heritage.

In celebrating my first South Asian Heritage Month at Civica, I’m proud of our commitment to serving citizens all around the world. I’ve been hugely inspired by how we at Civica are united by a common sense of purpose and I look forward to celebrating and championing diversity at Civica even further.

Recognising the fantastic contributions our South Asian colleagues make to our organisation and their communities is one of the key principles of SAHM. Our Race and Ethnicity Affinity Group is proud to create a community and platform at Civica for our colleagues’ diverse voices and experiences to be shared and are grateful to all those who have taken the time to speak out or learn more as part of SAHM this year.