3rd February 2020

How occupational health management software can transform your business

“Since the introduction of eOPAS, we are now a paperless department. Accessing records and data now takes seconds! SAR’s previously took several weeks to collate all the data, from various archives and for an administrator to sort through it. Now this is done in around 5 minutes”

Data storage. In eOPAS, electronic files are stored securely and accessed controlled. Filing cabinets full of paper documents, and paper shredders are no longer required, this can make room for more staff.

Document organisation. Locate all your patients’ clinical records within their eOPAS folder. The ability to quickly access and disseminate information may enhance your efficiency. No more hunting through piles of handwritten reports, which need re-typing and filing.

Communication to employees. Communication without incurring postage and printing expenses. eOPAS can send customised automated emails and text messages.

Communication to your business. Quickly report back to your business, Real-time dashboards, KPI monitoring, management reports, and analysis.

Data backups. We’ve all lost, or thrown away, an important piece of paper. Maintaining electronic data protects against data loss because of regular backups.

Data security. Our staff take data security very seriously and have achieved ISO 27001 Accreditation and Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation. eOPAS can also assist with your SAR/GDPR compliance.

Environmentally friendly. Every person in the UK consumes the equivalent of 4.48 trees per year. A paperless environment also means less energy consumption.

Financial benefit. The savings go beyond the cost of paper, which can be substantial. The cost of other supplies, including ink, upgrades, services, energy, office administration, document storage all need to be considered. eOPAS can help your business take steps to reduce paper, also help your Occupational Health staff be more efficient, enhancing the level of security that guards your most valuable information.

To find out more how eOPAS can transform your business get in touch. Call us on 01332 781882 or email oh@civica.co.uk