Black History Month 2022

6th October 2022

Celebrating our diverse history

This Black History Month, Civica’s Recruitment Manager Abby McKoy shares why the month holds special meaning for her…

“I’m Abby, I work in the Talent Acquisition team here at Civica, leading a team of specialists. In my role, I support and guide my team members to bring new talent into the Group, while also striving to ensure we’re a diverse and inclusive employer of choice.

“Black History Month is important to me as it’s a time where we can celebrate and share our history. It’s an opportunity to recognise the diverse influences that have contributed to British progression, and it’s important to show appreciation to all involved. I also think we owe it to the generations before us, who came to Britain and worked hard for a better life, to be celebrated.

"This year’s theme for Black History Month is ‘Time for change: action not words.’ I personally take up the mantle by being the beacon of change in my interactions and conversations both inside and outside the workplace, so that change starts with me first.

“My Grandmother has inspired me; born in Trinidad, she worked hard and travelled the world while maintaining a successful career in modelling, later becoming an entrepreneur with her own hotel and restaurant. I’ve also recently become a mum, and it makes me happy to know that my son will be celebrating his roots in the years to come. I think it’s significant that we’re now shining a brighter light on black contributions to paint a fuller picture of the history of Britain - something we must continue to do."

Abby McKoy,

Recruitment Manager


I’m proud to work at Civica where we’re focussed on being a diverse and inclusive organisation. It’s great to be a part of our global D&I team, with a shared commitment to the same goal.