25th January 2018

Making digital policing a reality

When to bespoke and when to commoditise – driving benefit from core commonality

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The UK’s police forces are facing a period of significant challenges. Increasingly diverse communities with complex needs, reduced funding and rising volumes of cybercrime and terror threats mean that there is more pressure than ever for policing to evolve and change.

With forces requiring value for money, off-the-shelf technologies offer proven, cost-effective solutions that can help forces quickly tackle the challenges they’re facing around productivity, efficiency and more - solutions which the National Enabling Programmes are driving forward in support of the Policing Vision 2025.

Watch the live webcast as a panel of experts discusses: Bespoke vs commodity - where can commodity technologies be harnessed vs the bespoke programming route? What behavioural change is required to deliver benefits? How do you maximise the benefits / RoI from commodity platforms?

On the panel:

  • Ian Bell – CEO at the Police ICT Company 
  • Simon Parr – Business change lead at the National Enabling Programmes (Ex chief constable, Cambridgeshire Police
  • Jules Donald – CIO Essex / Kent Police
  • Chris Doutney - Executive director, Civica Digital

Catch up on the conversation and watch the webcast on demand


Making digital policing a reality

Find out how Office 365 can help police forces deliver cost savings and productivity gains.

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