12th June 2018

Unlock the hidden potential of discovery

Deliver more user-centred digital services

While it’s widely recognised that the development of innovative and effective digital services requires a strong understanding of user needs, many organisations aren’t yet experiencing the full benefits available from the discovery phase.

Our interactive workshop, run by our experienced user research and service design team, looks beyond the typical core discovery techniques to demonstrate how you can truly realise the potential of this fundamental phase.

Register for London | Tuesday 11th September | 09:30 - 15:30

Register for Bristol | Tuesday 18th September | 09:30 - 15:30

We’ll share our insights and experience with you and demonstrate how to enhance traditional discovery activities by introducing more effective, sometimes lesser-known, methods and techniques to help you better understand your users and achieve the right outcomes.

As we walk you through the discovery journey, we’ll debunk myths, discuss common pitfalls along the way and use real-world examples so you can take away first-hand experience and apply it to your organisation.

What you will come away with …

  • A better understanding of how to get the most from a discovery project
  • Details of techniques and activities that will achieve increased understanding of user needs and therefore better digital services
  • Examples of best practice and common pitfalls
  • A clearer understanding of smarter, more powerful methods and what will work best for your organisation
  • Understanding what is needed to provide a smooth transition when moving out of the discovery phase.

You should attend if ...

  • You’re looking to design a service and you want to ensure you get the most out of your discovery
  • You’ve had a mixed experience of discovery
  • You want to increase your ability to deliver the service your users really need
  • You’ve undergone a discovery and it hasn’t delivered what you required or hasn’t worked
  • You’re trying to improve the culture of doing discoveries in your organisation, or want to be able to ‘sell’ the idea to your decision makers.


Part 1 | Going beyond the standard discovery phase
We’ll set the scene, enable an open discussion amongst your peers and introduce the philosophy and techniques required to release further benefits from discovery.
    - Introduction and workshop goals
    - Debating the benefits: sharing experiences and understanding of discovery
    - Discovery myths and challenges
    - The right philosophy to drive more value from discovery.

Part 2 | Real-life discovery scenario
We’ll look further into unlocking the maximum potential of discovery by working through a ‘real-life’ applied discovery scenario. This will include:
    - Practical advice
    - Hands-on activities
    - Case study examples demonstrating how you can get the most out of a discovery, adapt to challenges and achieve desired outcomes.

Part 3 | Move forward with success after discovery
We’ll explore what happens when your discovery is finished and how unlocking the discovery phase’s full potential can lead to greater success down the line.
    - Next steps beyond the discovery phase
    - Re-evaluating your beliefs and understanding of discovery
    - Q&A and workshop close.
Please get in touch if you need further details before registering or if these dates aren't suitable for you.