Executive Management System

Business reporting and analytics to provide a clear and accurate view of staff KPI, financial and leadership information.

Executive Management System

Business reporting and analytics to provide a clear and accurate view of staff KPI, financial and leadership information.

This unique solution measures organizational performances and enables strategic decision making, empowers users and creates transparencies across roles and responsibilities and sets clear expectations of the organization’s performance.

Council staff from individual responsible officers through to senior management, need a clear and accurate view of what’s happening across the whole of Council to assist them in their decision-making.

Civica's Executive Management System provides comprehensive facilities for the presentation of financial and other KPI information.

  • Manage and measure organisational and strategic performance
  • Empower users and add transparency to roles and responsibilities to produce high quality outcomes
  • Improve communication and information sharing
  • Plan and build budgets and strategies with multiple stakeholders working together

With the integrated information on a single platform, the people that make your council tick, can collaborate to take strategic decisions that are not only well informed but also well strategized.

Modules of Executive Management System

EMS Breakdown

The three modules collaborate together with their distinct advantages.

  • Authority Business Intelligence (BIS) allows for quick and easy analysis data from Council’s corporate system. It gives the Council the ability to turn data into information, information into decisions and decisions into actions. 
  • The Long Term Planning module derives short medium and longer term perspectives on financial operating and capital proposals to assist in planning over different time frames. It allows councils to create different plans side by side which may demonstrate the impact of key decisions and alterations in cost drivers. Each of these Scenarios can be comparatively reported against to show the effect of these changes and can be used to help guide council in the planning and decision making process. 
  • The Performance Manager module aligns staff KPIs with organizational strategy and sets the correct expectations on performance and organization achievements.

Authority Business Intelligence (BIS)

The BIS application allows users to drill through an organisations chart of accounts, and build custom reports as well as dashboard style screens. The system can be easily configured to display specific data for senior managers, general users as well as finance users. BIS can display both financial and non-financial data from numerous different business systems such as: Financial, Assets, Work orders, Payroll, Projects, Property and Rates.

Being a business intelligence system, one of the key features of BIS is the ability to highlight potential problem areas. BIS has numerous tools to assist with data analysis including Filters, Tolerances, Criteria and Alerts.


The Authority BIS budget management module allows your corporate budgeting methods to be created, entered, monitored and compared with current data from multiple core business systems and other key corporate information stored in BIS.

Reports and Graphs

Once created, the reports can be viewed on screen, printed or exported to other applications. The Authority BIS viewer has the ability to view financial information in a graphical format. A suite of standard graphs such as pie and bar charts are available plus trend graphs that allow information to be forecast over 12 months and an innovative organisational chart.

Long Term Planning Manager

Long Term Planning Manager allows multiple scenarios to be created to show several Plans concurrently and demonstrate the impact of key decisions and alterations in cost drivers. Each scenario can be comparatively reported against to show the effect of these changes and so guide council in the planning and decision making process.

  • True Web based interface that allows for secure distribution of the information throughout the organisation.
  • A top down view of key information with graphical illustrations of any ‘hot spots’.
  • Flexible analysis and reporting tools that integrates with multiple core business databases.
  • Delivers tangible benefits to council, by tracking performance & outcomes.
  • User empowerment at all levels of the organisation.
  • Set alerts throughout the organisation to monitor key focus areas.
  • Performing business more effectively through applied intelligence.
  • An intuitive and informative budgeting system with a demonstrable reduction in the budgeting cycle.
  • BIS has the ability to display key information from numerous core business systems. The BIS tool can bring through “Views” of information from systems such as General Ledger, Payroll, Assets and Capital Projects

Performance Manager

  • Strategic and organisational planning and reporting
  • Setting of measures, actions and distributed targets
  • Reminders and notifications with escalations
  • Workflow generated via email to users for finalisation, approval or rejection
  • Executive overview dashboard and graphs
  • Full reporting including compliance and performance reporting
  • Best practice performance measurement methodologies (BSC, TBL or others)
  • Integration with third party applications for data input and Authority Business Intelligence
  • Full accountability with built-in audit trails to identify when changes have been made and by whom
  • Roll-up-allows the user to adjust perspective ratios for both strategic plans and business units and to view and adjust the ratios for each contributor to a perspective
  • Features security groups for setting the privileges that control users access to individual business items and the global actions that each user can perform

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