Introducing CRaSH Online Payments

20th February 2019

Save time, reduce effort and capture income through CRaSH online payments and reports processing.

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Presented by:
Paul Tinkler, Police Forces Consultant, Civica
Kelly Webber, National CRaSH System Manager, Department for Transport

While collision reporting at the roadside has increasingly become an easier, digital process for police officers with CRaSH, many forces are still reliant on manual processes when it comes to managing payments and fulfilling collision report requests for insurers, solicitors and other third-parties.

Paper-based forms, cheques and slow, inefficient processes are all costing police forces valuable time and money. Watch our Lunch & Learn webinar to discover how your force can reduce administrative costs and drive increased revenues by digitising the entire payment and report fulfilment process.

Watch the webinar and learn how with online collision payments your force can:

  • Access and reject requests simply with intuative workflows
  • Eliminate paper requests and cheques
  • Identify upfront payments immediately
  • Eliminate undue payment risks and administration costs
  • Reduce unpaid requests with quicker end-to-end processing
  • Free up staff time with increased efficiency 

You'll leave the webinar with an understanding of the potential cost savings to your force.

watch the webinar

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