10th December 2019

Moorabool Shire Council has modernised its maintenance operations by deploying Reflect

The article first appeared in iTnews’ Digitalnation.

Moorabool Shire located in the Western part of Victoria, deployed Civica’s asset management app Reflect, which helped them automate work allocations, update information on the go and get an accurate picture of asset maintenance.

The challenge: Before the council started using the app in 2018, its field teams didn’t have a common digital platform for managing the inspection and maintenance of roads, footpaths and other assets. Managers allocated work orders manually and field teams didn’t use a common system to report when they’d finished work.

This not only made asset maintenance tracking labour intensive, it reduced confidence that data was accurate and made it hard for staff members to quickly verify the status of repairs. This also made it challenging to demonstrate compliance with adopted levels of service.