Civica delivers a more transparent, user-friendly and future-proofed approach to costing

A revolution is under way in how the NHS calculates the cost of treating patients. By 2021, all NHS Trusts will have moved from providing annual top down reference costs to bottom up, patient level costing.

To support this transformation, Trusts need to start with a system that delivers the necessary patient level detail, has the ability to evidence clearly how allocations are made and to easily extract information through flexible reporting.

Roger Bovell, the Trust’s Head of Finance Systems & Costing, wanted to upgrade the system used by Royal Berkshire to support costing.

Visibility on cost allocations in the existing system was poor, it was un-structured and extracting data was time-consuming and inconvenient. So relatively high-level coding skills were needed. Lack of clarity on how data was handled also raised potential audit issues.

After a market evaluation process, the Trust identified CostMaster as the best solution. The thorough pre-purchase evaluation confirmed that it to be the right platform from both a configuration and usage perspective.

The benefits

  • Transparency - Users can see immediately how outputs have been arrived at.
  • Ease of use - The user interface is easily usable by non-technical specialists.
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Everything a Trust needs is included in the package.
  • Easy implementation
  • Trusts can be up and running with the system quickly.
  • Standard report structure means staff don't need high level SQL skills.
  • Stepping-stone to PLICs - The system delivers the bottom up data needed.
It’s the suite of front-end reports that sets CostMaster apart. And as you tweak the model, you want feedback to see the real-time effect on allocations. The process of validating that what you’re doing is having the intended effect is crucial. CostMaster is transparent.”
Roger Bovell, Head of Finance Systems & Costing, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

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