City of Sydney Civica Involve Case Study

24th September 2021

A survey panel to represent the residents, workers and businesses of Sydney

Sydney’s community strategic plan was about to go through a review. To help direct the key issues for the 2050 plan, the city needed to contact the community over a number of years, establishing a research panel and analysing the findings. But the tools used by the team in the past, such as Survey Monkey and Excel, meant any insights took a lot of time to gather and process. They needed something smarter and easier.

Flexibility, usability, rich insights

In the past, the team had used a range of tools to gather their feedback, including Survey Monkey and a bespoke data programme. The insights were then manually adjusted in Excel. This whole process took time and meant that reporting couldn’t be started until the campaign was complete.

With no filters or segmentation, analysis was very basic. On top of that, the solution was hard to use and maintain and the team had to hire expensive third-party consultants to validate the results.

A wishlist of features

The Sydney team sent out an open tender for a solution that would meet their needs. They needed a platform that would let them develop and host surveys in multiple languages. It needed to be easy to use, on any device. And it needed the capability to maintain a research panel database over multiple years.

But data collection is just the first stage of any feedback project. That data needs interpretation to be useful. For their new platform, the city’s team needed analysis tools that would give them a fast turnaround for their reports, with live reporting throughout the consultation. They also needed to give decision makers access to the dashboards.

Civica Involve ticks all the boxes

As well as meeting all their individual requirements, Civica Involve means the team are closer to their ultimate goal – creating a survey panel that truly represents modern Syndey and all its diversity of stakeholders.

Because Civica Involve is one unified platform, the team have reduced their risk of data pollution and human error. Being fully compliant with the Australia Privacy Act 1998 also means that data is safe and secure. And with the system’s capabilities for SMS, email, mobile web, desktop and app, respondents can access the surveys however it suits them.

Working towards the 2050 strategy

The real-time dashboards give staff instant visibility of feedback as it’s submitted. A web interface makes this process quick and simple for anyone who has been given access.

Key outcomes

  • Surveys can be created quickly, easily and in multiple languages 
  • Respondents can access surveys however they prefer - SMS, email, mobile web, desktop and app 
  • Live reporting throughout the campaign, not just on completion 
  • Real-time dashboards give staff instant visibility, with a wide range of filters and segmentation for deep insights 
  • Easy to use analytics for fast turnaround of reports, with no need for expensive third party consultants 
  • Quick and simple for anyone who has been given access to view results and analysis, including decision-makers 
  • Single uniform platform ensures data is safe, secure, and reduces risk of data pollution and human error.

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