Wheatley Group streamline services and improve support for vulnerable tenants with Civica MultiVue

Civica’s Master Data Management solution helps to join the dots between disparate data sources to provide a complete, accurate and shareable view of their data

Owning and managing over 79,100 homes and delivering award-winning services to over 200,000 people, Wheatley Group’s social housing division focuses on providing housing for low-income and vulnerable populations. However, the Group needed a solution to take fragmented, disparate data from various back-end systems to create a “golden view” of each tenant they serve.

Wheatley decided to implement Civica’s MultiVue solution to merge and match data, eliminating duplicates and created a complete, accurate and trusted view of each tenant.

Key outcomes:

  • Pro-active alerts improving tenant and property safety over 79,100 homes
  • Streamlined and improved service delivery across over 200,000 customers
  • Earlier interventions made possible to deliver better outcomes for vulnerable tenants
  • ‘Golden record’ created for each tenant through real-time sharing and updating information across departments and partner organisations.

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