Waltham Forest uses CivicaPay Mid-call to support payments by phone

18th June 2020

The London Borough of Waltham Forest strengthens residents' trust in its governance using CivicaPay Mid-call

The London Borough of Waltham Forest in North East London spans Chingford in the North, Walthamstow in the centre and Leytonstone in the South. Formed in 1965, the Borough is now home to an estimated 271,200 people.

The Council needed a way to enable resolution centre staff to guide residents through the process of paying over the phone, while maintaining privacy of cardholder data.

To remove the risk of staff being exposed to sensitive payment data, the Council needed a mechanism to descope its data and voice network from PCI DSS. With its partner PCI Pal, Civica Payments helped the council to implement CivicaPay Mid-call.


In addition to strengthening compliance, Waltham Forest reports that Mid-call supports social inclusion by enabling its diverse community to interact with the council and make payments over the phone while being guided through the process by an agent.

“Before implementing the Mid-call solution, operators were exposed to sensitive data when residents read out their payment details over the phone. When considering the route to PCI DSS compliance, Civica’s partnership with PCI Pal was the best option.”
Marcus Power, Resident Financial Services Manager at Waltham forest Council 

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