20th May 2017

Central Northern Regional Library automates reporting processes with Civica’s SpydusManager

By shifting resources away from report curation, the library is able to focus on development and actioning insights

The Central Northern Regional Library (CNRL) is located in Tamworth and provides library service to residents of the Tamworth Regional Council, as well as the Shires of Narrabri, Liverpool Plains, Gwydir, Uralla and Walcha, with Tamworth Regional Council acting as the executive council. CNRL services at 15 library branches and two public service outlets in the region.

As part of the CNRL library agreement, CNRL is required to generate and distribute quarterly reports, CNRL also compiles reports for its 15 branch libraries, as well as report summaries to local councils that give insights on loan statistics, stock acquisition data etc. Reports can be over 150 pages long and stats are compiled up to 20 times a month. Reporting is extremely important to the library in demonstrating KPIs and fulfilled annual targets.

The process of compiling, formatting and distributing CNRL quarterly reports typically took a senior Librarian two to three business days or one full day without distractions to complete. Using Civica’s SpydusManager, a web-based business intelligence tool, the reporting process has become automatic.

“Before using SpydusManager I would have to manually collate our quarterly reports, which could take me a full day without interruption and up to one or two additional days with distractions. Now I can populate and distribute reports automatically without the hassle of compiling the report myself,” said Eric Elsley, Systems and Technology Officer at CNRL.

By shifting resources away from report curation, CNRL is able to focus on actioning insights and explore other areas that can be developed, according to Marian Bennett, Digital & Communications Librarian at CNRL.

With more time spent analysing data and less time processing reports, SpydusManager provides us with the ability to conduct a more comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of our service, and ultimately make more intelligent decisions regarding areas such as resource allocation."

Marian Bennett, Digital & Communications Librarian

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