Transforming criminal record checks for AccessNI

15th October 2018

New Online Disclosure System improves the customer experience whilst reducing costs and processing time

AccessNI is responsible for providing the criminal record disclosure service for Northern Ireland residents. The service was lengthy, and required citizens to complete and return paper-based applications. Processing these applications was a time consuming, error-prone task, and incurred higher costs.

To address some of the key challenges, Access NI engaged Civica, as part of the NI Direct strategic partnership programme, to design and implement a citizen-centric online disclosure portal, complemented by a customer organisation facing portal, and an AccessNI staff facing management solution.


  • 94% of customers are satisfied with the service
  • 14% reduction in expenditure costs including additional
  • 99% of all disclosure applications are now submitted online.

We reduced staff costs, removed layers of work no longer necessary such as checking of poorly completed paper forms, improved the quality of the jobs in AccessNI, and, most importantly provided a better and quicker service to our customers” 

Tom Clarke, General Manager, AccessNI

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Passing the digital tipping point for Northern Ireland


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