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The Health & Care sector was already under pressure from multiple directions pre-COVID-19, and the pandemic brought with it fresh new financial challenges and unique patient and client needs. Social restrictions quickly led to virtual care options and telehealth appointments; preventative health took on a whole new meaning for many; and medical staff had to rapidly adapt to new COVID-19-related workflows. People are now looking for better access to care, more control over their care and to know their loved ones – and their data – are being looked after. While technological changes have supported health and care providers throughout the pandemic, these changes can also have wider benefits as society moves forward.

Whether you’re providing healthcare, aged care, disability services, or support for children or families, community-as-a-service in this sector is all about providing collaborative, personalised and proactive care – and responding to needs and issues with clarity.

Areas of focus moving forward:

  • Personalising care for patients and clients
    Great care involves creating a continuous feedback loop between the patient and healthcare professional. Understanding each individual’s personalised needs leads to a higher standard of care, with everything from bioinformatics to personalised risk assessments able to be stored and accessed.
  • Supporting self-service
    Just like other services we use in our lives, there’s now a focus on self-service capabilities so that care recipients can tap into their community as and when they need to: seeing the industry as a service at their disposal, rather than a bureaucracy to navigate.
  • Addressing issues rapidly
    Safety and quality of care are at the forefront of community-as-a-service in this sector. Providers are looking for solutions that help them to better understand when quality of care issues arise so they can attend to issues rapidly.
  • Unlocking information for staff
    Recent events have put pressure on administration staff as well as those in customer-facing roles. Improved data, reporting, workflows and cost management can help to ease that pressure.
  • Supporting staff wellbeing
    Care and medical staff may be feeling tapped out. It’s important to support them with a smooth user experience and a support system in place for their own health and wellbeing.

Solutions to consider

The Carelink Suite for end-to-end management that supports a client-focused workforce.

CostMaster to deliver a clear view of activity and cost variation

Civica Experience to harness staff and patient feedback and improve healthcare

iCasework to manage and learn from complaints and feedback across your entire network

Community Helper to manage critical incoming requests for support.

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