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Community housing has traditionally focused primarily on getting a roof over someone’s head – which remains a key priority and even more so as demand increases – but the pandemic has also highlighted the importance of looking at tenants’ needs in a holistic way. Many community housing tenants can have complex needs that require support from a number of agencies and demand a coordinated approach to best support that individual’s independence.

Community-as-a-service in this sector is all about better understanding and empowering each tenant, so they can seek and receive the support they need.

Where organisations might focus next:

  • Providing a tenant-focused platform
    Customers are at the heart of service delivery: with communications that meet their preferred language and channel needs, and services that are faster, better and always accessible. Modern systems aren’t centred around the physical assets of housing; instead they support the vulnerable citizen with the asset being just one aspect.
  • Responding to calls for support
    Tenants want more dignity and agency when it comes to community housing support. They also want to be empowered to seek out what they need, be it property repairs or access to services for mental health or social support..
  • Working together to meet an individual’s needs
    The housing support of the future will consider a tenant’s full history and needs at a glance, so various service providers can collaborate to provide the right support mechanisms as needed.
  • Finding human stories in the data
    With more unified management there are greater opportunities to access and analyse data both big and small, to ensure community housing genuinely meets the needs of those who are using it.
  • Improving efficiencies
    Improving efficiencies like BaptistCare did will enable providers to help more people with the resources at hand. Funds can be reinvested into better outcomes for the whole community.

Solutions to consider

Civica Cx for tenant-centric housing management.

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