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Are you tired of using unreliable, outdated and rigid assessment platforms that are holding you back from delivering first-class assessments? If so, it's time to switch to Civica Assess, the platform that provides everything you need to deliver easy-to-use digital assessments that empower your candidates to achieve success.

Whether paper-based or digital, Civica Assess provides simple, accessible, and reliable assessments that perform, even on slow internet connections. And with our best-in-class implementation team, you can rest assured that your setup process will be pain-free too.

We understand the one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for assessments, which is why we’ve developed an assessment platform with unrivalled flexibility. Civica Assess can be customised to match your demands, ensuring that your assessments always make the grade.

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve by using artificial intelligence to enhance our assessment processes.

With our breakthrough Remote Proctoring technology built on Microsoft Teams, we're leading the way in providing assessments of the future.

So, don't settle for an unreliable, outdated, and rigid assessment platform.

Switch to Civica Assess today and start delivering assessments that empower your candidates to achieve success.

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5 reasons why you should take action and speak to one of our assessment experts:

  • We will discuss your current processes, so that we can understand the most efficient and effective ways to evolve your assessments
  • Civica Assess is easy-to-use, reliable and flexible
  • The satisfaction of your team, and your candidates is at the heart of everything we do
  • Civica Assess features cutting-edge remote proctoring technology built on Microsoft Teams
  • We’re leading on assessments and we want you to be a part of it.


Civica Assess helps TQUK to manage numbers smoothly and effectively


Peter Bennett,

Professional Standards Lead

Institute of directors (IoD)

Civica Assess delivers flexibility for the IOD and our candidates.

For our candidates, it’s much more flexible because they can take all exams (including any re-sits) whenever they want. Assess makes our admin easy too. Now we’re using record and review we can run many, many more exams all in one go!

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