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Our smart financial management software is used across the public sector, making every day better for communities and citizens. 

Instant access to reliable data allows you to make informed decisions, save costs, and manage resources more efficiently.

Powerful integration removes the need for disconnected systems, providing a consistent data view across teams.

Secure cloud environment ensures your data is secure and compliant, removing the risk of security intrusions.

The cloud platform is accessible on any browser, allowing instant collaboration and data sharing with remote teams.

Automated and guided processes support new and regular users alike, reducing errors and saving time.

Remote server removes strain on your internal IT resources and the need for costly servers.

Managing over

of funds per year


public sector employees to deliver value for money for their citizens

Streamlining service delivery to

UK citizens

Mark Barrett,

Senior Accountant,

Rochdale Borough Council

We identified £30,000 of value from the migration to FinancialsLIVE by saving £20,000 on servers, up to £7,000 on IT support time, and the rest through efficiency gains.

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