TranSend Fleet Management Software

Your fleet, always optimised

Have the right assets in the right place, at the right time

Fleet management has thousands of moving parts. And it never stays still. Managing it well needs technology that can make the complex simple and evolve as your requirements change.

TranSend Fleet Management software is a modern, cloud subscription platform that ensures you always maximise the use and value of your vehicles, from procurement to disposal. By removing paper and automating processes, you'll save up to 50% of administration time, manage compliance with ease and deliver better, more efficient services for your communities.

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Our customers include:

Police forces

Fire and rescue services

Ambulance services

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service chooses TranSend

TranSend will mean we have the right appliances and equipment in the right place at the right time, ensuring a better, safer service for the communities we serve right across Mid and West Wales."

Stephen Davies, Head of Fleet, Engineering and Logistics, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Fire and Rescue Service

Your fleet, always optimised

TranSend's real-time dashboards give everyone in your team an instant answer to the question “how’s my world today?”. It can be set up to ensure the right people always get the right information at the right time, including vehicle statuses, maintenance schedules and whole life vehicle costs. So, with TranSend Fleet Management software, your fleet is always optimised.

Why choose TranSend Fleet Management system?

Boost preparedness with the right assets in the right place, at the right time

Save up to 50% of administration time and deliver a better, more efficient service

Optimise your fleet to save costs and increase safety

Simplify compliance management. Boost vehicle safety and availability.

Whether you operate your own workshop or outsource to third party suppliers, TranSend Fleet Management software makes it easier to maintain assets to legal standards, on time. Proactive emails and SMS alerts, and instant access to job statuses keep you connected with your customers and suppliers, helping you get vehicles back on the road faster.

Civica TranSend Fleet Management system include:

Driver, vehicle and asset management software

Vehicles, Trailers and Equipment Management

A comprehensive vehicle management system that allows you to record all your vehicles, trailers and equipment information. You can proactively manage all your fleet assets and set alerts for 'test expiry' and 'next service due' data in line with your operators’ licence. Helping you manage compliance and capture data accurately to control maintenance costs.

Grey Fleet Management

Manage your legal obligations to employees driving their own vehicles for business use. Simply record MOT, insurance, service records and licence checks. Helping you to reduce risk and ensure all company grey fleet drivers and vehicles are compliant.

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Fleet maintenance software


Simplify compliance management with our automated fleet scheduling software. It generates live scheduled events that are both accurate and on time, reducing vehicle down time and manual administration.

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Third Party Maintenance Portal

A self-service portal to simplify third party maintenance jobs and minimise vehicle downtime. It allows users to manage the full maintenance cycle, removing paperwork and saving administration time. Real time alerts reduce delays, so you can speed up maintenance and get your vehicles back on the road quicker.

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Maintenance Job and Cost Control

Understand your maintenance needs better to lower running cost and improve compliance. It automatically gathers key data to give you a single view of fleet life costs. Helping you identify cost saving opportunities and improve future planning.

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Stores and Orders

Take control of stock and orders with our fleet management cloud software. It removes manual processes, providing you with an always up-to-date, accurate view of your stock. With better data insight, it helps to ensure the right parts are available for the right job, at the right time.

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Workshop Touchscreens

Drive paper out of your workshop. Technicians can record, update and manage workshop activities using touchscreen devices - significantly reducing administration, speeding up job processing to minimise vehicle downtime.

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Fuel management system

Fuel Management and Data Loading

Improve cost control with better data insight. Our fuel management system allows you to calculate and monitor fuel costs for the life of vehicles with ease. Providing you with accurate fuel consumption data to prevent mis-use and improve budgeting.

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Fleet risk and compliance management software

Driver Risk Profile

Reduce vehicle and driver risk across your fleet using data capture, automated system generated alerts and visual dashboards.

Accident Management

Record all incidents and collisions in one system. Easy analysis of data helps you reduce risk, cost of insurance, replacement vehicles and claims while improving driver behaviour with targeted training courses on common issues.

Data: the key to fleet electrification

Decarbonising transport is high on the agenda. Civica’s Keith Hawker discusses how fleet managers can build a robust electric vehicle (EV) strategy with their fleet data.

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