The challenges of commercialisation for local government

Finding the right path to achieving a sustainable commercial model

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Another challenging government spending review has intensified local authorities’ focus on service commercialisation.

In our report, 'The commercial imperative', in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) we look more closely at how reduced central government funding has driven local government senior management teams to adopt commercial strategies and to identify alternative income streams, as they strive to become financially self-sufficient, on a sustainable, long term basis.

The discussion covered the following areas:

  • Critical success factors influencing your commercial journey
  • Four ways to generate revenue
  • Six steps to building a sustainable commercial model.


Commercialisation is going to be one of the most important priorities for local authorities over the next decade. If they haven’t already, council leaders and CFOs must start thinking about short, medium and long term strategies for generating their own income.
Rob Whiteman, CEO at CIPFA


The Commercial Imperative

Finding the right path to achieving a sustainable commercial model

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Report contributors

In association with CIPFA

  • Brendan Arnold, Director of Finance, Infrastructure and Transformation, Hull City Council
  • Mike Butler, Managing Director, Peopletoo
  • Peter Gillett, Former Chief Finance Officer, Bristol City Council, now Director of Cothan Solutions
  • Nick Rowe, Strategic Finance Partner, Ealing Council
  • Vic Allison, Deputy Managing Director, Wychavon District Council
  • Bill Edrich, Managing Director, Bristol Holding Limited and Director of Energy, Bristol City Council
  • Rob Whiteman, CEO, CIPFA
  • Andy Brown, City Customer Services Manager, Hull City Council
  • Gary Bell, Executive Director Managed Services, Civica
  • Wayne Story, Group CEO, Civica
  • Paul Bradbury, Executive Director, Business Development, Civica
  • Juliet Purcell, Head of UK Marketing, Civica


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