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Meet Civica’s Sales Gems

A highlight of the Civica global calendar for our high sales achievers is admittance to the Diamond Club, which recognises those who exceed their yearly targets. We spoke to Neale Walsh, Business Development Manager, Social Housing and Rob Thompson, Senior Sales Account Manager, Local & State Government, who were two of APAC’s exclusive 2020 Diamond Club members. Until COVID hit, the prize was for an all-expenses paid plus-one trip to Barcelona, but that’s now something to look forward to post pandemic. In any case we spoke to Neale and Rob about how the Diamond Club drove them to success in a year like no other.

Tell us about the sales culture at Civica…

Rob: Passionate, patient, resilient, acting with integrity.

Neale: The sales culture in APAC is extremely supportive and I think it comes back to our community focus and shared objectives that what we do really does make a difference in our local communities. I’ve worked for many organisations where they pitted sales people against each other as if they were enemies. This is not the culture here having more of a team culture where we challenge each other to think differently to help our customers and each other to succeed.

How were you supported to achieve your targets along the way?

Rob: We hunt in a pack. Other sales teams I have been a part of would sacrifice their newborns to win a deal. They would discount, promise it in any colour and yes, delivered tomorrow. Our sales team help each other navigate the challenges each of us are given. Our presales team is second to none and not only deliver clear and practical product presentations but also match the benefits to compelling outcomes for the councils. Professional Services deliver what our developers create, having listened to our customers.

Keep your eyes in the boat. Focus on your numbers, work with our best people, smile and wave at the others.
Rob Thompson

Neale: We have one of the best teams in the industry and are extremely well supported during the sales process by our presales, development and professional services team. This ensures our customers get access to specialist industry thought leaders throughout the sales process essentially making our jobs as sales people so much easier.

What went through your mind as you hit your target and became a 2020 Diamond Club member?

Rob: Excited that I was going on another Civica adventure. Relieved that my supportive partner was getting a chance to celebrate the birthday that C19 scuppered. Anxious that C19 would intervene as we were about to board a plane.

Neale: I felt a sense of achievement and also excited for my wife Jackie as it also acts as a reward for her and the sacrifices she has had to make with the amount of time I had spent away travelling and working early mornings and late nights.

What are the biggest benefits you see about working for Civica?

Rob: Longevity in an industry that has rewarded lifers and creativity in the new and now necessary world of E-everything and apps. We focus on improving what we do well while partnering or procuring the bits we need to bolt on. Our people are honest and act with integrity, and understand Local Government either by having been part of it or spent many years working with it.

Neale: The biggest benefit I see working for Civica is our community focus and a team culture that truly believes that what we do across the entire organisation really does make a difference in our local communities. There are not many jobs where what you do on a daily basis has the ability to directly impact local communities, especially in sales. So being able to be rewarded for our efforts whilst improving the lives of so many in our communities really does make Civica a great place to work.

The biggest benefit I see working for Civica is our community focus and a team culture that truly believes that what we do across the entire organisation really does make a difference in our local communities.
Neale Walsh

How did the Diamond club motivate you through the course of the year?

Rob: Diamond Club at Civica is very different to achieving “Sales Club” at other companies I have worked for. You are made to feel special as an individual rather than as a member of a great sales team. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed two trips and both have left special memories – a helicopter flight from Las Vegas into the Grand Canyon for lunch and last year Civica somehow managed a motorcade in peak hour Miami traffic with the police blocking the roads just for us to travel as couples in muscle cars to dinner. The folks we meet on these trips are very similar in nature with a desire to achieve and ensure the customers who got us there – get us to the next one.