Rasica Hassan

Professional Librarian (Team Lead), Singapore

The school library is a safe haven for all students with fair access to information.

Rasica Hassan is one of our new professional librarian (Team Lead), joining Civica to provide expert library and literacy skills to students and staff at Ministry of Education Schools.

“My main role is to work with the schools to make the library as conducive, appealing and well run as possible. I see my role as being the bridge between Civica and the schools as we work together for the benefit of the students.

I believe that the school library should be the hub of the school. Students and teachers should have access to a wide range of resources that not only complements the curriculum but also encourages self-exploration and self-directed learning. The library should be seen as a safe haven for all students and that everyone has fair access to information.

I enjoy what I do and feel grateful that I get to share my knowledge and experiences, and that I have the opportunity to learn from the different teams as well. I like helping the library assistants in the schools be better at their work by providing advice and guidance. It is really nice when their efforts are recognised by the school especially by the students.

What is great about my job are the opportunities to learn and meet different groups of people.”