Michelle Ryan

Services Director, Libraries & Education

My team and I are very fortunate to have front row seats to see the impact our solutions provide our customers.

Michelle Ryan is the Services Director for our Libraries & Education team. She started as the Ops Director for our Care team, which Civica acquired in 2018, and was recently given the opportunity to put her great people skills to use in a new environment.

“I lead an amazing team of people who look after our LES customers in a variety of ways. Mostly we help them with the implementation of their new Civica Education or Spydus product. But we also look after them beyond that to ensure they get the most out of our products through assisted upgrades, training and support.

My team and I are very fortunate to have front row seats to see the impact our solutions provide our customers. When we implement one of our products with a customer, we learn a lot about them and how they run their school or library. This allows us to ensure the best fit between our product and their service. I really enjoy knowing that our library product provides staff and patrons with information at their fingertips and that we are helping our libraries to stay relevant in a technological age. Being a parent I appreciate the importance our school products have in managing student data and providing gateways for communication between a school, its students and parents. So to know that we do this for thousands of students and teachers every day is really rewarding.

There are so many parts of my role that I really enjoy. I am very proud of the service we provide through Spydus and CES and the impacts that has on our community. But I also really enjoy supporting my team to enable them to deliver and support our customers. Everyone comes to work with their own journey and what they want to achieve so it gives me great pleasure in supporting those I work with on their career journey.

Civica provides the opportunity for people to expand and develop their career paths. I think the company puts a lot of focus on its people and by doing this, it encourages a network of support and friendship. This spans right across our international business. I have been fortunate to deal with colleagues not only in Australia but also the UK, Vadodara, and Singapore. I find it very humbling to know that people from all parts of our business are willing to help and collaborate together.”