Janmit Patel

Business Consultant, Local Government

Through my support of LGAs I feel like I’m part of their community

Janmit works in our Local Government business unit as a business consultant, working closely with council around Australia to assist with Authority implementations and training.

LG Council staff work around the clock to make sure general public is serviced with facilities such as garbage collection, events, managing playgrounds and ensuring overall safety. We support the operational staff in LGAs so they can focus on doing their jobs with utmost priority. Supporting LGAs to deliver great services to public makes me feel like I am very much a part of their community. And over the course of my time at Civica, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with many amazing customers. I have always enjoyed interacting and building relationships with my stakeholders.

I love the support that I am given at Civica. All I ever have to do is pick up the phone. People are always there to assist in whatever manner possible no matter how big or small the problem. To me, this shows a commitment in service levels and I know that can rely on my team and wider business stakeholders at any point.