Will Whitehead

Intelligence Analyst, Australia

I started at Civica on the Horizon’s Business Analysis Graduate scheme. Three days in I informed the leader of the scheme, that it wasn't for me and that I was going to leave. She convinced me to 'stick out' the training, which I did, and I was pushed towards a more data-focused role. I was very lucky that VIEW was just ramping up its team in the Data Mapping space, and that they agreed to give me a trial. I was formally on the graduate scheme until I'd passed the Business Analysis exam, at which point I transitioned into Consultancy, though my role on VIEW continued as was. I transitioned to Technical Consultancy in early 2017. I first visited Australia in March 2017, again in February in 2018 and finally in June 2018. I am now an Intelligence Analyst, which is essentially a Data Analyst position but with a more in depth knowledge of the system up front. I imagine my role will remain fairly static for at least 12 months due to visa requirements in Australia, but then I will move to be an area manager, obviously with a focus on a data-focused team.

Civica have provided me with lots of opportunity. Despite not being my role, I'm expected to understand and 'divvy' out work to other members of my team. I speak to the client and outsourced Civica staff on a daily basis, aiding in the improvement, management and development of the project and the work within it. I have not had a linear, or traditional, progression path - something I wouldn't have had at most other companies.

What has been the highlight of working at Civica so far?
I've had several business class trips out to Australia since I joined Civica, most recently a stint out here for six months. It was this extended visit that really showed me that I wanted to live out here for a few years, and that was what prompted my campaign to move to Civica International with the same VIEW project.

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