Dalton Cross

Application Support Analyst

Civica in three words: Variety, Social, Opportunity.

My first role with Civica was as Apprentice Application Support Analyst. I’d been assessing several options for different Apprenticeship schemes before my sister recommended Civica’s programme.

The opportunity to join a technology company was really exciting. I also have previous experience of working in customer facing roles so working in Application Support seemed like ideal role for me.

Civica was the perfect fit.

My careers advisor at St Brendan's Sixth Form College had suggested I do some research before my interview and Civica had really positive reviews on Glassdoor. I even found out that St Brendan’s is currently one of Civica’s customers!

Horizons Project.

Upon joining Civica, I enrolled in our Graduate and Apprenticeships programme which has been really good for integrating with other young people within the business. We had some great external training in presentation skills which has been really helpful for me.

As part of Horizons we were set a task of how we can make our social media more engaging to young people within the business. This was a lot of fun and we even created a video for Civica’s Instagram page: https://bit.ly/2maDoSi

What can you expect from an Apprenticeship at Civica?

You get a lot of support. Whatever your role, Civica make it a priority to help you map your own career path so that you can continue to progress within the business.

My Manager’s always checking-in with me and has spent a lot of time helping me decide where I want to go next.

In March 2020 I completed my Level 3 Apprenticeship. I'm now a fully fledged Support Analyst, which is really exciting! My working days are now entirely focussed on my job role rather than completing apprentice work, and I’ve also now started branching out to support different apps.

The people are the best part of Civica.

I’ve felt at home at Civica from my very first day. My team took me out for lunch and were all very friendly and welcoming.

Everyone’s ethos is aligned, which must be really rare for a company of this size. We’re all interested in people’s differences, cultures and lifestyles and I’ve had a lot of interesting discussions.

One piece of advice to anyone thinking about applying to work at Civica?

Civica’s a fantastic company to be a part of. Make sure you do a lot of research because there are so many different roles within Civica and there really is a role for everyone whether you’re techy or not.

Mostly, I’d say just apply and come and see for yourself!

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