Streamlining waste management with national online system from Civica

Waste management is becoming an increasingly important business issue. From the rising cost of landfill to growing interest from stakeholders into company policies for corporate sustainability, organisations are taking a new look at waste production and disposal.

The Environment Agency asked Civica to design and deliver its new web-based electronic duty of care (edoc) system.

Key features of this programme are:

  • Extensive stakeholder engagement process
  • Developed using Agile methodology
  • Built in an easily scalable way with no single points of failure
  • Ability to integrate with existing waste management IT infrastructure

Key outcomes of the programme include:

  • Removes the need to handle and store 50 million pieces of paper
  • Projected annual savings of £1m for UK government
  • Forecast savings of £12m to UK businesses
  • Better-quality waste management information
It is essential that the Environment Agency does not produce a system that is out of date in six months. Civica’s experience with the iterative agile development model will ensure that we can adapt to any changes in the project – from changes to Waste Transfer Notes fields to new requests for functionality or services from business users.
Chris Deed, edoc Project Manager, Environment Agency

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