Electoral Commission counted on Civica-built web application during EU referendum

Built from scratch in 12 weeks, the new count collation system kept track of all the count data input across the UK and Gibraltar in real time, before the final result was declared on the night of the vote at the national collation centre in Manchester. As well as the central Electoral Commission team, over 700 users used the system across all 382 regional counting areas.


  • Speeds up notification, review and analysis of referendum and election counts
  • Provides data feed for key media organisations
  • Scales up and down quickly and cost-effectively via Microsoft Azure
  • Focuses design on user needs
  • Minimises unnecessary complexity and cost through an Agile approach
The Commission developed a close working relationship with Civica and we found them extremely responsive during all phases of the project. We were able to incorporate the vast majority of the feedback we got from end users, even at a late stage in the project, because Civica were rapid and efficient in implementing the changes we asked for."
Phil Tucker, Head of ICT & Facilities, The Electoral Commission

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