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Alexander Graham Bell, triggered the analogue revolution. Today 140 years on, how can Scotland build on his legacy and ensure it is dialled in for the digital revolution.

Scotland and Edinburgh’s favourite son, Alexander Graham Bell, triggered the analogue revolution by famously inventing the telephone. Today 140 years on, Bell’s legacy has helped provide the platform to allow us to enter the digital era. But is his homeland ready for this digital revolution and its quest to cement a place as world-class digital nation by 2020?

It is clear that the landscape in Scotland is changing, both politically and demographically, but the same question remains. How can the public sector step up and deliver a future proofed digital model for government? A model that meets the evolving needs of the citizen but with the confines of ever reducing budgets.

The MJ and Civica joined an expert panel in the birthplace of Alexander Graham Bell to discuss how the Scottish public sector can build on Bell’s legacy to prepare for the digital revolution and achieve the vision for 2020.

The panel's discussion has been published in a report from The MJ.


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