BI & Financials Consultant - Bristol

BI & Financials Consultant
Location: Bristol
Closing date for application: 30/9/17

Working within our Bristol office we require a BI & Financials Consultant to provide support to users of Coldharbour Financials, CF Interfaces, and Management and Financial Reporting Packages including GDA and Qlikview, including working with clients on BI reporting projects.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Support of Coldharbour Financials, CF Interfaces, and Management and Financial Report Packages and all product lines across Coldharbour specialising in accounting applications. In this role you should;

Ensure that support calls are answered as quickly, efficiently and professional as possible.
Ensure that the problems encountered by clients using Coldharbour Systems’ Products are addressed and resolved as soon as possible.
Ensure that the user is kept informed as to the progress of their resolution, if problems cannot be fixed immediately.
Analyse faults and fix them, initially over the telephone, or by connecting to client networks, if necessary.
Log the details of all calls / faults and their solutions.

  • Analysis of client management reporting requirements. This involves discussion with key client personnel and with Coldharbour developers, in order to create the most appropriate solutions and specifications for use by both the Sales Department and the BI & Financials Consultants.
  • Development of client requirements for management reporting systems using the most appropriate technologies.
  • Liaise with fellow employees and clients to ensure that development objectives are being satisfied and, in so doing, ensuring that the Company is providing the most effective solutions for the company’s target markets.
  • Liaise with the Company’s Service Desk to assist with the resolution of reported anomalies or implementation issues.
  • Create technical documentation to assist users with developed reporting systems and accounting applications, where necessary.
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Company’s documented Quality System within your department, as follows:

To ensure that quality requirements, appropriate to your role and job duties are understood and implemented.
To ensure that any specified or necessary training needs are identified to your Department Manager / Supervisor, and satisfactorily undertaken to support and/or maintain quality requirements.
To ensure that all the necessary quality records are maintained in the required manner.
To ensure that all procedures and routines comply with the requirements of the Documented Quality System, including reporting instances of non-conformance to department managers / supervisors and taking any identified corrective and preventive action.

  • Assist the Sales Department in the development of client solutions.
  • Provide occasional client training on financial accounting applications and management reporting, including Management and Financial Reporting packages, as and when required.
  • Demonstrate willingness towards personal self-development by keeping skills set and knowledge current and appropriate for Coldharbour and its clients’ current and future requirements

Required Skills:

  • Previous IT application support experience
  • Essential is a knowledge of accounting software packages
  • Excellent EXCEL skills,
  • A logical thinker with problem solving ability
  • Any experience of accountancy terminology and processes is highly benefical.
  • Ideally having QlikView experience.
  • Customer service orientated