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From cloud migration to secure managed cloud platforms, we help our customers securely harness the full power of the cloud.

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The cloud offers many advantages, including reduced infrastructure costs and a more resilient, scalable environment.

But for organisations in the public sector and regulated industries, security and compliance concerns may be seen as barriers to migrating critical applications to the cloud.

Civica Digital has a strong track record in helping customers harness the full power of cloud, securely. We provide a full cloud service from readiness and migration to ongoing management and support of your business critical applications

Cloud migration

Before migration, our team of cloud experts help you assess your cloud readiness. Our detailed review of your existing infrastructure helps us build a cloud strategy that suits your business requirements.

Our teams then work with you to implement your cloud strategy and ensure it delivers the required outcomes for both you and your customers.

Our full cloud migration service offering includes:

  • Cloud readiness review
  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Cloud implementation

College of Policing

Secure online environment for policing community
Helping the College of Policing to share and collaborate across 90 police organisations.

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Cloud platforms

As a UK-sovereign country, we provide a range of secure reliable cloud platforms to suit your requirements.

Secure managed cloud

Our fully managed secure managed cloud lets you take advantage of cloud, confident that your critical data and applications are kept secure and protected at all times.

Secure Managed Cloud solutions are hosted in our own secure UK data centres, and offer a choice of SLAs. Our data centres are:

  • Certified to IGSoc N3 and ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 standards
  • Suitable for all data certified as OFFICIAL to include OFFICIAL SENSITIVE (previously classified as IL3)
  • PSN-ready

Hybrid cloud

We offer hybrid cloud as part of a managed solution that incorporates elements hosted in your in-house or private cloud infrastructure, as well as in public cloud environments.

Our Hybrid Cloud deployments are designed to meet the requirements of different workloads in terms of performance, scalability and security. We'll put our skills and expertise to work to manage your various cloud environments on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on your business operations.

Using POLKA allows geographic barriers and silos to be broken down and the conditional boundaries of rank and file within policing to be crossed in an open and transparent manner. A really important factor as criminals often know no boundaries!”
Kate Grady, NPIA POLKA Online Collaboration Team Manager, POLKA


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